Update from our Chair, summary from the AGM of October 2021

Fortunately things are more or less back to normal now, the volunteers having looked after the pond in lockdown and treated the 2 hours work as exercise.

The Blessing of Pets Service took place on 5th September after being postponed. It was a great success.

The benches round the pond are very well used but will need some repair or replacement.

Thank you to all the volunteers for their support.

Ann Lloyd-James
Hon. Chairman

Where we are

The Pond is located at the junction of Blatchington Hill and Sutton Drove with Avondale Road.


The volunteers meet almost every Saturday – unless the weather is really bad – from 10am – 12pm. Do come down and say hello or talk to us about the pond, our work and if you’d like to join the team.

Water levels, August 2022

As many visitors will have seen water levels in the pond are now very low, due to the unprecedented very dry weather. The committee looking after the pond have been in contact with the Council, the Fire Service, South Eastern Water, and the Environment Agency and looked into a number of suggested solutions to refill it.

The hosepipe ban about to come into force does allow for domestic ponds to be topped up if fish or other wildlife are endangered, but we require over 150 cubic metres of water to bring the level back up to anywhere near normal.

Sadly at present we have found no feasible options to add water to the pond, and will monitor the wildlife, in particular the fish, in the weeks to come.