Update from our Chair

Like many voluntary organisations we have been in shut down, but our band of voluntary helpers have kept a good eye on the pond making sure that the fish, ducks and moorhens are as happy as possible.  Fortunately they have looked after themselves without much help from us!

Since some restraints on movements have been lifted the pond has been a great oasis for the young and the elderly to exercise. Some walk around the pond each day, mothers with young children come to feed the ducks, or even bring a picnic!

Unfortunately the Pet Service arranged for May had to be cancelled, but we look forward to the time when this can be rearranged.  Likewise, our AGM last October did not take place this year, nor will there be an East Blatchington Pond Conservation Society Newsletter, or collection of subscriptions, although we hope you will continue your membership when we are able to collect subscriptions once more.

Recently Seaford Town Council arranged to cut down a large Sycamore tree that was next to our tool shed. The tree had split and was very close to the shed, pathway and Pondsyde Court, and was dangerous.  We are most grateful to the Council for arranging this.

Do please continue to support us in the upkeep of the pond which has given many people an oasis of calm at a difficult time for us all.  Our thanks to our band of helpers who are working hard to keep the pond clean and tidy for many to enjoy.  If you would like to help we have a working party on Saturday mornings.  Distancing is practised but there is always room for more help.

Thank you for your support and interest.

Ann Lloyd-James
Hon. Chairman

Where we are

The Pond is located at the junction of Blatchington Hill and Sutton Drove with Avondale Road.