Local Involvement

The restoration of the pond has been very much a ‘team effort’. Continual effort is required to maintain the Pond and enhance its surroundings. During the summer months a weekly working party of committee members and other volunteers put in many hours of work. This involves costs in buying tools and materials, insurance and occasionally the hire of outside labour and equipment.
To meet these costs, we have been supported in the past by a small, annual Council grant but the main support comes from subscriptions and donations to the East Blatchington Pond Conservation Society. This is a support group of local residents whose interest and help are invaluable. A Newsletter is produced annually by the Committee and distributed to the ‘Members’.

How YOU can help

You can help directly by:

  • Picking up any litter and disposing of it properly.
  • Picking up dog litter and disposing of it in the appropriate bin.
  • Keeping out of the ‘wild’ area along the steep western bank (adjacent to Avondale Road), thus allowing birds and insects to breed undisturbed.
  • Encouraging children and other residents to care for the pond.
  • Refraining from leaving unwanted pets and plants at the pond e.g. terrapins and goldfish, as they upset the balance of native species.
  • Joining the “East Blatchington Pond Conservation Society” see our page – Subscriptions and donations.
  • Joining us as a Volunteer on Saturdays: come and talk to us – we are normally there from 10am util 12pm unless the weather is terrible.
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