Tree felling – an update, Jan 2023

The Council have now completed the tree felling work at the pond. These trees were suffering from Dutch Elm disease and ash dieback and were potentially at risk of falling or losing branches, so had to be felled for safety reasons. Thank you to the tree surgeons for a risky job well done.

The pond committee are intending to replace some of the trees as soon as possible, with different species which will not be re-infected. If you’d like to be involved do message us. If you would like to donate towards a new tree, that would be very welcome, but we do not intend to make these ‘memorial’ trees at present.

Water levels in the pond, August 2022

As many visitors will have seen water levels in the pond are now very low, due to the unprecedented very dry weather. The committee looking after the pond have been in contact with the Council, the Fire Service, South Eastern Water, and the Environment Agency and looked into a number of suggested solutions to refill it.

The hosepipe ban about to come into force does allow for domestic ponds to be topped up if fish or other wildlife are endangered, but we require over 150 cubic metres of water to bring the level back up to anywhere near normal.

Sadly at present we have found no feasible options to add water to the pond, and will monitor the wildlife, in particular the fish, in the weeks to come.


Welcome to our new website!

We hope you have visited the Pond, or will do so to enjoy this lovely open space which is there for all local people and visitors to Seaford.

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Carols at the Pond 14th December 2022, 6pm

All are very welcome down at the pond for an open-air carol service with Seaford Silver Band playing. They will play no matter what the weather! So wrap up warm and join them.